The best marketing automation system of all time


Marketing automation software has improved over time. The innovation of a new software triggers invention of another to curb the challenges of the previous application. There is no definite marketing automation; there are many variables to consider before choosing automation software. Each of the software has strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Some of the variables include the size of the business, target audience, targeted marketing platforms and the financial budget for the software.

The old digital marketing featured Email marketing automation, digital advertisements, and social media. The human traffic the marketing automation draws requires a great tool to handle the analysis for follow-ups and future marketing strategies. This is the point of competition among marketing software. Here are the top rates marketing software according to business daily report


Hubspot launched its programs in 2007, but it dates back in 2006. It focuses on allowing lead generation from their products as opposed to tradition Emails, cold pitching, and digital advertisement. They use content to reach to their customers and make a follow up in case a customer shows interest. They use content marketing to draw traffic. Their outbound concept adoption has helped in the integration of many concepts to fit diverse business functions. They avoid the traditional outbound marketing strategies, which focuses on customer experience as opposed to education and providing solutions.


Pardot is a marketing automation tool, which uses the sales force in conjunction with other CRM toolkits for its marketing strategies. It focuses on sales driving force, lead capture, lead generation and lead scoring to gain an audience and drive traffic to their sites then use it for sales conversion. Its incorporation of B2B concept provides a comprehensive marketing option to suits all businesses from small to large enterprises. They also have tailored third-party integrations for comprehensive marketing concepts.


Marketo capitalizes on the concept of cloud marketing to manage sales. They employ the idea of companies and customer relationship in marketing accountability. The integrated tools use email marketing, consumer relations, customer experience and lead generation to tailor marketing solution on the digital platforms.

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua focuses on just lead generation to automate its marketing strategies. The main advantage of Oracle Eloqua is free to set up and installation, you only pay for other services. It focuses on simple marketing campaign creation and customized campaign packs. Their main objective is great customer experience in delivering their marketing concepts.



is Ontraport a better choice than Convertkit? This is a marketing automation software which, integrates Email marketing( and CRM tools to drive traffic and manage their marketing campaigns. The software is recommended for small businesses to help manage their sales process through lead generation and sales conversion.

The concept of marketing automation varies in different businesses. The best depend on the type of business and objective of the marketing strategies. Some type of products requires practical solutions while other need content marketing to drive sales and finally sales conversion. The digital market provides various tools for continuous innovation of marketing automation software to meet the demand.


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