Things that A DOG PARENT Must Know

Things that A DOG PARENT Must Know

A dog can be your best friend, your workout buddy, and your sleeping companion. But owning a dog requires a lot of hard work and knowledge. A lot of dogs end up in shelters because people are not aware of their responsibilities as dog owners. Before you bring a dog into your home, here are some important things that you should know first.

There are some types of food that your dog should never eat. Have you tried asking yourself questions like, “is asparagus safe for my dog? or is it okay if I am feeding him celery?” If you think your dog can eat anything that humans do, you’re wrong. In fact, there are human foods that can kill your dog. One of the most common bad dog food is chocolate. Added to that, avoid feeding your dog with milk, cheese, onion, garlic, grapes, and avocado. So even though your dog gives you the puppy eyes, never submit to them!

Avoid treating your pet dog like a human being (or a child). We know you love your dog, but it is often expressed in wrong ways, causing problems. Your pet is not a human being, covered in fur. It’s an animal with pack instincts. Therefore, you should not suddenly pat your dog’s head if he’s scared. If you do, there’s a big chance that he will not consider it as a show of affection, but a threat.

Your dog needs regular exercise, both mental and physical. A happy dog has lots of mental and physical exercises. You don’t have to hit a dog gym (if there is even any). You and your dog can be physically fit thanks to simple physical exercises like jogging and walking. Making sure that you are providing him proper supplements at the same time to help him boost his immune system. ( Mental work is also important to prevent your dog from developing various destructive obsessions that can be difficult to get rid.

Socializing is an important aspect of a dog’s life. Like humans, dogs also need to socialize. Lack of socializing makes your pet dog aggressive to other animals, and especially human beings. Worst case scenario, your dog will be put down for being too dangerous to the neighborhood.

You should have enough time for your pet. Dogs can be hard to resist not to get adopted, but do you have enough time for them? Dogs are not happy if they are left alone for a long time. If you can’t commit having enough time to play and interact with your pet dog on a daily basis, then adopting one is not the best choice for you.

Taking care of dog carries a lot of burdens — including expenses. Having a pet dog can be expensive, especially when they get sick or injured. You also have to spend for some basic dog expenses like dog food and regular checkups.

Dogs should have the proper training. One of the many reasons you should have enough time for your dog is to provide them with proper training. There are breeds of dogs that need a lot of training activities, and there are some dogs that quickly learn. As dog experts would say, there are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

Your dog needs a proper grooming, which includes regular baths, nail clippings, and brushed fur. You can hire a professional groomer that could cost you around $80.

Speaking of fur, you should also know that there are people who are allergic to dogs. Fur can also get anywhere, from your clothes to your food. Better prepare a vacuum cleaner.


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