Tips on BBQ and Grilling


A dry weather (like summer) is one of the best times for backyard grilling with your family or friends. To have the ideal outdoor grilling experience, here are some tricks and tips that you shouldn’t ignore.

What should I use for grilling — gas, charcoal or offset?

Even after many years, the debate of which grilling method is better is still hot. No studies are found to prove which one is healthier, but gas still burns cleaner. Compared to gas, charcoal releases carbon monoxide that is a great contributor to air pollution. Some people found an excellent charcoal smoker here.

But when we’re talking about the taste, a lot of people would choose the food cooked via charcoal grill. Sometimes, people also choose smoker that’s offset so the fire is not directly under the meet. To have the best grilling equipment for you, try going on or here:

Add Flavor to Your Food.

There are a lot of methods to flavor your grilled food. One of the fastest ways is to use glazes. They are sugary coatings usually combined with honey, molasses, or maple syrup. In the last few minutes of grilling, you can brush it on your food. Most of the times, you need to leave the herbs on the surface of the food before grilling. This way, you’ll acquire the taste and savory crust that you want.

Make sure to have a clean start

Hold on! Before grilling, scrub the preheated grate using a wire brush with a long handle. This method makes sure that the grilling area is clean. It’s also a great tip if you want to have the traditional grill marks on your food.

Turn it from cold to hot!

Don’t start on your grill, yet! Make sure it’s preheated 15-25 minutes before cooking so that it is at a suitable temperature (and also to eliminate bacteria). The temperature of the grill varies on what type of food you’ll be cooking. It’s divided into three kinds, including High (450 degrees F), Medium-High (350-400 degrees F), Medium (300-350 degrees F), and Low Heat (250 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit). When your grill has the proper temperature, the heat scorches the food, maintain the inside moist, and prevent it from sticking.

Don’t forget to add smoke.

If you want to have that smoky flavor that you want for your grilled food, then you should use hardwood logs, briquettes, or chunks, regardless if you’re using gas or charcoal.

Oil your grill.

Even if your grill is brand new or recently cleaned, food can still stick to the railings on the rack. Therefore, so you’ll end up with a clean grill after cooking, make sure to soak it up with vegetable oil poured in a clean paper towel. Use a pair of tongs to keep your hands clean from the oiliness.

Add Smoke to Your Grill.

To acquire the smoky flavor that you’ve always wanted for, the best way is to add hardwood logs, chunks, or briquettes. Depending on what kind of wood you’ll be using, you’ll get different flavors for your grilled food. If you want to add sweetness, you can try Applewood. For tanginess, you can add mesquite. And for a bacon-like flavor, you should add hickory.

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