Why Playing Ping Pong is good for the brain

Ping Pong has become a popular sport in the recent past.  Aerobic chess, as others refer to it, it is a brain game which, requires proper brain functioning. The brain is the body processor; the vigorous and fast-paced game involves the brain in its success. You need to study your opponent’s weaknesses then capitalize on that to develop a game trick within the shortest time to clinch a point. Any slight delay creates an opportunity for your opponent to study your trick and use it against you. The ball response and body coordination determines the win. All these need proper brain function with the help of a good equipment of pingpong(thepingpongguys.com). Here are the mental benefits of Ping Pong

Enhances concentration levels

The aerobic exercises mean strong heart rate and proper oxygen supply to the brain which ignites proper mental alertness to respond to the ball and make a fast move against your opponent. The physical exercises involved in the game makes the brain cells regain its strength to enhance a player’s alertness state.

Boosts memory

You must be able to study your opponent and strategize your moves against this. The game helps in the mastery of different strategies and allows you to employ them against your opponent. In case you meet stronger competition, you have to remember other tactics within a short period to curb the challenge. In worst cases, the opponent might exhaust all your tactics, you have to think deeply about new concepts learned in previous matches or watched and use them to be ahead of the competition.

Improved cognitive development

The physical workout involved in table tennis stimulates hormones responsible for renewing new cells; this makes the brain active and young. The new cells are responsible for improved cognitive development since they are able to master concepts and retain them for use in the game.

Improved intelligence

Because of improved cognitive development, the intelligence levels of the players’ are also increased. The fact that you use your brain more while playing enhances intelligence quotient.

Improved decision-making skills

The fact that the game improves your ability to make a quick decision while playing the game is vital for a win; your decision-making skills determine your success. In addition, it influences the thinking capacity while having fun.

The mental and physical exercise involved in the sport has a positive effect on the overall brain function. The reflexes associated with the game prove massive brain usage while playing. The physical intensity in ball handling means the brain is in constant action to think and respond to any tactics the opponent might use. Retirements homes and hospices have table tennis tables, it is not by default but a therapy to boost brain functions and thinking. Alzheimer’s disease and dementia patients are advised to play the game as a way to stimulate the brain towards the healing journey. In the early 80s, the game was unpopular. In 1988 it made its first presence in the world championships, currently it receives massive media coverage a clear evidence of its popularity and benefits.


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