Why Should A Corporate Office Have A Working Coffee Machine?


Corporate giants, such as Google, spend a lot of their money to provide a suitable work environment for their employees, aiming to improve their productivity and enthusiasm. Even though your company can’t afford to make A Disney world insider your office, there is still a great but affordable way to keep them happy – free coffee!

Coffee turns them into Productive Employees

To help you understand the science behind it, the caffeine (stimulant) keep your office workers awake through the whole day and focused on their work by hindering receptors for adenosine in our brain, which is the villain that makes us sleepy (even though we had a great sleep the other night). A cup of coffee has the power to literally prevent drowsiness and distraction, improving one’s performance and reducing the number of mistakes he or she make. Also, researches have proven that coffee can improve your worker’s memory performance and ability to concentrate. Thus, allow your office workers to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee from your very own coffee machine in the office kitchen.

Coffee Breaks Promote Social Bonds between Employees

The simple act of office workers getting together in the office kitchen, talking things over coffee can already bring great benefits. One of the most significant benefits is that coffee breaks let office workers get to know on one another (especially the new ones) and make informal social bonds. They get to share their ideas and opinions with other workers, instead of having an internal conversation with oneself.

Coffee Improve One’s Self Confidence

Everyone knows that an individual tends to put more effort to their work when he/she senses that his/her efforts are being acknowledged and remunerated. A great motivation for your employee is a daily cup of coffee that can only be served if your office coffee maker is always readily available. Allowing them to enjoy a delicious and free coffee is overall a working office benefit that helps to maintain self-confidence among office workers high as it is overall deemed a token of appreciation. Corporations, whether big or small, must not ignore the significant of high self-confidence in an office environment, regarding that it is an important aspect contributing to the office workers’ productivity.

A Coffeemaker is a Great Return on Investment

It may have a less evident explanation, but it something corporates should never turn a blind eye to. Most Companies use a fully auto one touch espresso makers to save more time. Analyze the time you save if your office workers stop going out for a break to buy a cup of coffee outside your establishment. Or, you can think about the money you’ll save when they stop asking their coffees to be delivered in the office, every single day. If you lose time, it means your company will also lose money. This is why your office must have a coffee machine, it doesn’t just prevent your company from spending too much money, but your workers will also produce more work. Buying a coffee machine (or more) is not a burden, but rather a great investment. Look at these recommendations, Found the Gaggia Anima Prestige in here which is affordable.

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